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NDT Inspector - Malaysia

The responsibilities of NDT Inspector position will include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Scope of Services shall cover but not limited to the provision of following:
    a) Review all NDT procedures and assist in approval.
    b) Ensure NDT operators are qualified, certified and competent to do the job. Ensure the equipment is suitable for the job, calibrated
    and in good condition.
    c) Monitor the performance of NDT activities including interpretation of results.
    d) Verify NDT works by audit if required.
    e) Ensure NDT records including radiographic films are properly kept, maintained, packed and easily retrievable.
    f) Ensure that NDT Contractor comply with the safety requirement during the transportation, storage and use of radioactive sources.
    g) Ensure results of NDT are correct and satisfy the acceptance level of work requirement.
    h) Participate in the resolution of the quality problems as directed by QA Engineer.
    i) Prepare schedules covering his works when required by project controls section.
    j) Assist in preparation of field change notices, extra work orders and back charge notices when required.
    k) Anticipate and take corrective actions to prevent quality problems, failures, defective works and deficient reports.
    l) Submit daily work activity report and other reports as required.
    m) Ensure safety standards and requirements are observed and bring policy matters to attention of superiors.

Requirements NDT Inspector

  • Possess at least 3 years experience in oil & Gas facilities.
  • Experience at least 2 projects for Oil Company.
  • Diploma / High School.
  • Experience in inspection of mechanical & piping works.
  • Certified examination to CSWIP 3.4 (RT), CSWIP 3.1 (UT) or ASNT Level II equivalent.

Terms & Conditions NDT Inspector

  • Preferably male
  • 6 months primary + 6 months extension (option).

Company Profile

An International Oil & Gas Operating Company.



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